Since 12 years ago, N+Lloguers by Homegroup, works to know the needs of its customers and thereby, ensure efficiency in real estate intermediation, because in Homegroup, we are fully aware that renting a property is one of the most important decisions, and that's why we make every effort to assist you how you deserve.

In our offices you will find clear and compelling information and, personalized, honest and professional service, generating a high degree of confidence. We also handle all the necessary steps to formalize and to assist you on any aspect of your new home, whether legal, technical, and administrative or patrimonial.

To improve all these services, N+Lloguers by Homegroup incorporates a new department dedicated exclusively to rental where our clients can opt for a full EXPRES service to have the lease agreement within 24/48 hours.

At the end of the day we all seek a better quality of life, whether in terms of the environment, the strategic situation or how the property looks like.

In N+Lloguers by Homegroup we offer a wide range of properties that, surely, will satisfy your most demanding needs and expectations, and if not, we will find it, we builds the confidence with our clients with our service, that's our secret.

ALL in ONE is our infallible system; you will have access to all the properties of the area, we'll control closely your needs, and give to you the updated information of your future home.

We give you immediate response, the system EXPRES and ALL in ONE guarantee you the availability of your new home, often will be controlled at the time and always in less than 24 hours for booking guaranteeing their acquisition. Personal advice at all times of the negotiation process and preparation of the lease, because for us your trust and confidence is the most important.

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