How to find a good rental


Because of the recent real estate crisis, the rental of flats option has become the preferred alternative of many people, in part due to job insecurity, low salaries and the multiple economic difficulties that caused by the purchase of a home for some people who cannot access to a real estate loan. It should also be noted that many of these people who prefer a rental apartment do so because of the need to have labour mobility; These are the compelling reasons why renting flats in Barcelona has increased overwhelmingly.

When you are going to start searching for a rental apartment, we must take into account several important factors such as:

  • Area
  • The type of housing
  • The monthly budget for rental income
  • The age of the house
  • The different of the property: number of rooms, bathrooms, parking, storage, general condition of the house and possible reforms.

All these characteristics are the most important when making a decision to rent, in addition to other significant details such as transportation, schools, nearby stores and service establishments, green areas, etc.

It is necessary to have budget to assume the monthly expense of rent, it is always advisable that the rent does not exceed 30% of your payroll, although this is a little difficult to get when renting in big cities, for example renting apartments in Barcelona usually passes this percentage. Another factor to take into account is that at the time of rent we must have an amount of money reserved to be able to assume the initial expenses of the process of rent: bail, advance and commission of the real estate agency, just in case.

The rent can be negotiate in several ways, either through private individual or through a real estate agency, and each case has its advantages and disadvantages. For example:

Rental with private individuals: the advantage of renting through a private individual is that you can negotiate the rent and avoid paying commissions for the procedure. Although as a disadvantage, one could say that we are exposed to a process not so clean and clear, how it is done in a real estate, this is why you must take precautionary measures, leaving everything very clear and in writing if it is possible.

Rental with real estate agencies: in the case of renting a house through a real estate, the great advantage is that this will take care of all the formalities, which generates great tranquillity for its clients. As for the disadvantage, we could say the commission we paid to the real estate agent for carrying out all these procedures, is the only one. 

Things you should never do:

  • Give money as an advance without checking the conditions of the property before.
  • Verify that all basic services as energy, gas, etc., are properly activate.
  • Sign without negotiating or knowing the conditions of the contract.
  • Not negotiate who will in fact be in charge of repairing the damages of the house.
  • Not have an inventory of the things that are in the house in the moment we settle in it.
  • Not having a written contract.
  • Signing the contract without verifying that the landlord is actually the owner of the home.

These are some tips that can be of great help to facilitate the search of rent apartments in Barcelona and to handle the formalities with sufficient knowledge.