Rentals. Important facts you need to know


The negotiations to rent a house despite being a less lengthy and rigorous process than buying a house or a flat, is still a negotiation in which you have to pay attention to various details whether you participate in the process in as lessor, or as lessee. The lease must be clearly drafted and with clauses that are within the current legislative framework. It is recommended that a professional in these matters carefully review the contract before signing and report in detail to the parties involved in the negotiation.

The most important facts that you should know: 

According to the Law of Urban Leases, the bond required of future tenants must be the equivalent to one month of rent, regardless of whether the dwelling is fully furnished or not. In the event that the lessee does not use the property as the main dwelling then the landlord may request a deposit equivalent to two monthly payments; The return of the deposit can be done one month after the end of the contract and once it has been verified the correct state of the house and payment of supplies. In the case of the income revision, which can only be updated annually, the consumer price index (CPI) is usually taken as a reference, although the percentage over the income amount or other formulas can also be taken as reference. Both parties are in agreement.

In the case of reforms in the house, we must take into account that these can be of two types:

  • Conservation reforms: they are works necessary to maintain the dwelling in habitable conditions and should not affect the price of the monthly rent. If these works reach a duration of more than 20 days, then the lessee will have the right to be reduced in rent the proportional part of the space of the dwelling that cannot inhabit.
  • Improvement reforms: this type of work can increase the value of the rent of the house and the owner must notify the tenant of the works with a minimum notice of 3 months. In this case the tenant has the right to a reduction in the amount of the rent or compensation for the expenses that the reforms forces them to perform. In the event that the works are made after the three years of the beginning of the contract, the rent can increase by a maximum of 20%.

The tenant on his part must assume the reforms needed by the deterioration and continuous use of the floor, small and simple works such as painting the walls that eventually become dirty.

Duration of contracts 

The new Urban Leases Act says that the duration of leases may be freely agreed by the parties. The duration of one year shall be included for contracts that do not specify their temporary validity and may be extended for annual periods up to 3 years of duration of the contract. If you need help getting your rental apartment in Barcelona, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.