Single homes, the preferred by young people


The preferences in the real estate sector are changing as the environment and the people's habits change, a very current case is what is happening now with the new single-style dwellings that are small but cozy spaces and have become the option of favorite housing for young people who want to become independent but without losing their privacy.

In the old days, even now we can still see it, it was common for young people between the ages of 25 and 30 or at university ages to share a flat with others to alleviate expenses that their parents often assumed, but today the preference of these young people has changed and before sharing the apartment they prefer to prioritize their privacy even if this means living in a smaller space. It is for this reason that so-called single flats are the latest trend for rental apartments in Barcelona, a city that welcomes many students and young people who have just become independent and want to live in the center of the city.

How are this single apartments?

Basically they are small spaces of about 50 and 60 m2 of one or two rooms at most, the living room and kitchen are usually inside the same space, the bedrooms are separated by a sliding door or by dividing panels, the bathtub has been changed by a shower tray and preference are the large windows that fill the room with natural light, which in turn produces the feeling that the space is much wider than it really is. It can be said that single flats are like a kind of reduced loft.

This type of rental apartments in Barcelona are thought to be inhabited by a single person, reduces costs when it comes to conditioning them so its price should not be excessive, since precisely what young people interested in renting a single flat is that is affordable and can assume the rent with the salary of a single person. Demand for this type of rental apartment in Barcelona is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.