The difficult task of finding quality rental in Barcelona


There is no doubt that Barcelona over the years has become a completely modern and cosmopolitan city in which many residents or foreigners want to make a living because of its high cultural and labour supply, but precisely the high demand for housing rent in Barcelona is what is causing each day is more difficult to achieve the balance between the supply and demand of rentals in the city. 

The rise in the price of rents in Barcelona is increasing

The supply of rental housing in Barcelona is scarce, but, what is the reason for this shortage of rental housing? Because of the high demand they have, this has increased their price by 7% in 2015, reaching a average price of 755 euros per month, but at the same time as prices go up, the quality of the homes offered decreases, which is a hardship for all those interested in renting, since when the interested part obtains a good quality housing and a relatively rational price has no option to think twice because it is possible that in less than 24 hours can no longer be able to close the rental deal because another interested has already decided before.

According to the Catalan Institute of Soil (Incasól) there is a price increase in the rental of flats in Barcelona for 2016 and 2017, therefore, we can already say that Barcelona is currently the most expensive city to live on rent in Spain.

More central, more expensive 

The price increase in the rental of apartments in Barcelona is also segmented by neighbourhoods or districts, based on a recent study conducted by the Barcelona City Council, which revealed that the most expensive neighbourhoods to live on rent are: Eixample (11.18 euros / M2), Les Corts (€ 11.97 / m2), Sant Martí (€ 10.64 / m2), Sarrià-Sant Gervasi (€ 12.96 / m2) and Gràcia (€ 11.82 / m2).

The president of the collective API (Real Estate Agent of Catalonia), Joan Ollé has commented that it is necessary to stop thinking that Barcelona is only the downtown and its neighbourhoods more adjacent but to see a little further as they do in other great European capitals like London or Paris.