The importance of the energy certificate in the rental of a house


When deciding to rent a home you already know that it must meet certain requirements to be in optimal conditions and save us problems in the future. One of these requirements would be the energy certificate, an aspect that is undoubtedly becoming more important in rental apartments in Barcelona and other communities.

The energy certificate is extremely important for different reasons, in addition to helping us to know how much the house contributes to the consumption of renewable energy and reduce the impact on the environment, we also care very much to know how much will affect our pocket due to energy consumption in that dwelling and if the price of the rent compensates the expense that we will have in the invoice of the energy.

Qualification of the energy certificate

The average qualification of energy certificates for housing in Spain is in "E" therefore the "A" rating is considered to be the best and most recommendable of qualifications, it is very rare to find it even in new buildings. Any rating below "E" will greatly increase the cost of the electricity bill, therefore, homes with a rating below "E" should not have a high rent, as opposed to qualifying homes "A" whose income could rise in price, but this rise in price is offset by the considerable savings in the electricity bill. Due to the growing demand for rental flats in Barcelona, when it comes to looking for a flat, it is important that future tenants demand to check the energy certificate before making any decision about the rent.

This document is obligatory and irreplaceable, any operation in the real estate sector that is carried out with absence of the energy certificate can be declared invalid. You should never accept a floor that has not been evaluated energetically, as this could cause you lose the protection of the law before any problem with the owner of the house, therefore, any person who intends to rent a flat must have the energy certificate.