The impossible mission to find quality rental in Barcelona


Finding quality rental in Barcelona is, to this day, a real odyssey. Not only because of the scarcity of quality, but because of the recent high prices that make it impossible to access them and also the high demand for them. The main victims of these events are the young people trying to find their first home, the single-parent families, the separated ones... where their low budget limit sends them to live in apartments in the periphery, with few square meters or do not cover all your needs.

The price and demand for rentals in Barcelona continue to rise.

As the demand for rent of flats in Barcelona rises, the prices of these also rise, however, their quality is becoming worse if we compare it with its price. The flats in downtown Barcelona are practically unattainable by many people due to their high price. They are therefore the apartments in the periphery, with few square meters or that do not satisfy all the needs that more abound, and due to the high demand, these apartments, despite not being exactly what they seek and need, end up being accepted for fear that another interested part will be forthcoming.

The prices too high and the scarcity of apartments in good condition are only two of the main consequences of a significant drop in the available stock of rental housing in the city and the reactivation of a demand until recently lost by the crisis. According to the Catalan Institute of Land (Incasòl), last year price rises were reached in renting apartments in Barcelona above 7%. and as forecast, leaves for the next a price increase of minimum 2 digits.

Fear of non-payment

One of the most important fears of the owner of a rental home is having the misfortune of meeting a delinquent tenant. This fear is fuelled by many lack of legal guarantees for the landlord and also because evictions for rent defaults now exceed 50% of eviction cases.