Things you need to know before renting


When in search of a house or a flat for rent there is an important factor that sometimes we all lose, and it is patience. Sometimes we believe that renting is a simple and quick process, and although in comparison to the process of buying a home, it is somewhat easier, we can always find one or another setback in the process.

To rent houses in Barcelona you need to have a little patience and have some knowledge about the rental process, guidelines to follow and one another advice you must take to avoid making mistakes or having bad experiences during your search that makes us desist from it. That is why we want to give you some useful tips to facilitate your search for rental houses in Barcelona.

What you have to know 

  • Do not rely on all ads: check the address twice, do not rely on ads with very low prices and too perfect photos, look like a bargain but it is most likely a fraud.
  • Never settle an agreement without first having visited the apartment and carefully checking the premises, especially checking the correct functioning of the bathroom, faucets and pipes.
  • Pay special attention to the clauses of the contract and do not be afraid to ask to clarify all the doubts you have.
  • Negotiate your conditions; do not accept everything at first if you do not agree with any detail. You are not obliged to accept absolutely everything that the other part proposes, you can always negotiate conditions and price.
  • Learn to give in. Just as you are in your right to negotiate as a lessee, the landlord can also do, so it is important that you indulge in some things and not enter into irrational demands.
  • If you have the opportunity to visit the area of the house and talk to some of the neighbours to know their opinion of the neighbourhood, do it, it is never too much to hear the opinion of your potential neighbours.
  • Respect the clauses of your contract. Once you installed in your new home try to respect what the stipulated in the contract to avoid any type of problems with the real estate agency or even with the same neighbours.
  • Take care of your home. Although the new dwelling does not belong to you, take care of it, do not do reforms without permission and take care of the furniture that is not yours. In this way, you avoid problems with the owner and you guarantee the return of your bond if everything is correct and in good conditions.
  • Respects the times of the lease; do not delay in the time of payment of your rent to avoid legal problems and if for some reason you need to rescind the contract before the stipulated date notify the owner at least one month before leaving the house.

If you follow these guidelines, you will have no problem getting a good rental house in Barcelona, but remember that the key is to have patience for these processes and be attentive to the small details.